Tuesday, 25 January 2011

NEWS: My Big Adventure

I think I've mentioned that it's going to be a crazy year. It already has been, and I think the tail end of 2010 was already mad enough, but here's the big news! Since there's only a week until the journey, I should tell you: I'm going abroad!

Some of you may know this, some of you might be shocked, but actually, if you really sit down and think about it, this isn't surprising at all. Oh come on, it's me! Zan! Spontaneity is my middle name... no wait, I don't have a middle name...

Anyway, I should explain really. Basically, in 2010, I came home from an amazing 2 wedding weekend and then found out that I was going to be made redundant and have no further possibility for funding. The weeks that follow happened in a blur but somehow I enrolled onto a Playwork degree at Leeds Metropolitan University as a second year undergraduate. And guess what? Part of the year is dedicated to placements and guess where I'm going? Abroad! Yay! :) USA to be exact. :)

The details of my adventure are a little complicated at the moment. The gist of it all is that I'm going over there to help set up a play project somewhere around New York. There will be lots of moving about, and lots of challenges. I'm so excited!

So next Tuesday, I will be in NY, USA and I will be having a glass of rootbeer and I will be smiling. I hope that you will all smile with me, and be happy with me. :) I won't be away for long, only 3 months, so keep watching the blog to see where I'm at :) Keep in touch - and for those of you that do, please pray for me. :)

7 days to go! :D

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