Monday, 17 January 2011

Re-discovering the Library

I've not been a member of any library for a very long time. Not since being a teenager. But this playwork degree that I'm doing has got me actively searching for information again, and boy, has the library system changed!

Okay, so you still go in, borrow books, take them away and then bring them back. That stays the same, but I actually had to read the introductory guide to the university library the other day to work out how to borrow books! Turns out it's all computers and radio waves now. At uni, all I need to do is zap my student card, put in a pin, and remember to put my books on the square on table that says "Place Books Here" (which I didn't do) and then you're all set. It even prints you out a little reminder receipt! After the initial confusion of it all, I was very impressed!

Having acquired my first book from a library for about 10 years, I decided to go all out and join my local library too. Since I had a bit of time today I decided to walk there, have a quick browse for books that I might want for my essays, and then joined. The process was a bit more familiar to me. Fill in a basic form and then wait for them to verify your ID. The amusing thing was the matching library card key fobs! They made me giggle so much! There must be some very regular library goers to have key fobs for convenience! :) 

It was a fun trip today, and even more fun when I found a book called Making Happy People. It can't possibly be a sad read can it? :D Wooo! :)

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