Saturday, 5 March 2011

Pop-Ups Everywhere!

We had a big team meeting and it turns out we're having Pop-Ups in lots of places!

New Haven had our first mini Pop-Up yesterday, and we're having one in Boston on 17th March. I'll be doing one on 16th April at Rhythm Connect, and then there's going to be a mini one in Brooklyn in mid-April. Pop-Up Adventure Play will be appearing at the TASP conference at Strong's Museum of Play at the end of April, and there's a Festival in NYC featuring a Pop-Up Site. Then it brings me to the Pop-Up Residency this Summer where I will be invading a small island near Manhattan and running Pop-Ups every Saturday for 18 weeks! How awesome is that? Pop-Ups are taking over the world, in a very good way! I think I should start making a map! :) Hoorah for Pop-Up Adventure Play! :)

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