Saturday, 23 April 2011

Mushy Minds and Lush Logos.

I have to stop collecting all my meetings into one day. It kinda makes my mind just turn into a mash potato consistency when I have more than 2 hours of meeting a day. Eeee. It was good, constructive meeting though, and I think that I will have some real work to do whilst I'm back in the UK next year. I'm pretty excited! :)

Today's very interesting thing is super cool. You ready for it? The new Pop-Up Adventure Play Logo!!! Woooo! :) Wanna see? I think you do :) Here it is! :)

Isn't it awesome? :D I love it! :) It will have some more tweaks yet, like we'll get a colour version, and get one that is just the words, and another with just the picture. But as it stands, it's awesome. We finally have an identity. And that identity is cool! :)

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