Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A Quick Dash into Town

I needed to get a few things together ready for going back to the States, so I nipped into Manchester today to sort myself out. It was sunny today which made me really happy, so at least I don't have a send off the likes of yesterday's weather!

Only a couple of days to go! And then it's Go Go Governor's Island! Wooo! To help me on the way, please give a little to our campaign! :)

Monday, 30 May 2011

Fund Raising for Pop-Up Adventure Play

Today, I had my first ever Pop-Up Adventure Play fund raiser! :) My Dad and I, with lots of help from my Mum before we left, went to south Manchester to pitch a car boot sale.

Now for those of you who don't know what one is, a car boot sale is like a garage sale but from the trunk of your car. And for those of you in the know, it was rainy and cold. Brrr. I'm slightly chilled thinking about it.

It was a good day though. Even though the weather was terrible, people still came out and still parted with their pennies to buy delicious junk from us, and the culmination of sheer determination and a happy smile landed us with £55.30 profit! Woooo! :) That now translates into $91 for Pop-Up Adventure Play's Governor's Island fund raising campaign! Yay! :D

Just in case you still don't know what a rainy car boot sale looks like, here's a picture of my dad in action at our stall. :D

Thank you Mum and Dad for all your support for this project! Pop-Up Adventure Play applauds you! :D

If you think you can help to raise funds for Pop-Up Adventure Play, please get in touch! I'm sure we can make it a playful, fun and fulfilling event! :)

Sunday, 29 May 2011

A Friendly's UK?

I was very confused for a moment when I saw this in Manchester today:

For a brief moment, I thought I was in the US, but then I remembered I wasn't and there are no Friendly's here. It's the same logo and everything! I wonder if they're trying to break into the UK market.... interesting...

Saturday, 28 May 2011

A Visit to Canley

I went to visit my brother today in Canley, 3 minutes train ride away from Coventry, and 10 minute walk from Warwick University. I don't see my brother very often since he's still at university and has a girlfriend and stuff, but I thought since he was too busy to visit me, I'd better book in some time to visit him.

The weather was warmer than up north, but just as unpredictable. But as usual, there never seems to be much happening down there. Just an area of calmness, and a bunch of students wandering around. It's nice down there. Both Clem and Fiona looked like they were keeping well, and well, yeah. It was a nice visit. Here what we found on our wanderings today:

Incidently, Clem was one of the people who have donated to the Pop-Up Adventure Play IndieGoGo campaign to raise money for a play project that I'm helping out with in New York City. I went all the way to Canley to give him his hug. To receive your complimentary hug, please donate to this wonderful project! :) Thank you! :)

Friday, 27 May 2011

Friends, Teachers and Fellow Countrymen, Lend Me Your Ears.... :)

I know that a lot of you have been following my progress on my blog, watching my adventure and sharing my happinesses and adversities. Now I would like for you awesome people to extend your hand in kindness to help the kids in NYC.

Pop-Up Adventure and I really need your help! We have approximately 11 days to raise $7000 which is complete madness, but every dollar we do make will help towards a very good cause!

Donating a dollar to Pop-Up Adventure Play will give children the opportunity to play. But not just any old play - good quality, uninterrupted, well facilitated, imaginative, good ol' fashioned get-your-hands-muddy-and-your-pants-dirty play. I know that each and every single one of you who read my blog know about this type of play. Just think about the kinda fun things you used to do as kids. Did you like climbing trees? Did you used to explore the woodlands near your house? Did you make your own dens and have your own secret clubs? Kids nowadays don't get that chance anymore! But you can help them make memories that you have now through our project!

Please go onto our IndieGoGo campaign and donate even a few dollars to the Pop-Up Adventure Play event on Governor's Island. You will be helping me and my colleagues to get materials together, gather a community of volunteers and provide that opportunity for kids to play in their own way. You will get the satisfaction of helping children make memories that will last a lifetime!

Also, if you donate to our campaign, I promise to personally come and give you a hug. Nomatter where you are! :)

I know you are very awesome people, and I know that you care. Please, if you can, donate a few dollars to our wonderful project.

Thank you very much! And to those who have donated, you are absolute stars. You really are.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Childhood Songs in English and Chinese

During my roadtrip, I had a funny conversation with my roadtripees about the songs we used to sing when we were kids. I hadn't thought about this for a while, but I remember a few years back I suddenly came to realise how the rhymes and songs I learnt when I was a kid had the same tune but different words and in a completely different language.

Now I know that a lot of you who read this blog aren't Chinese, so you will have no idea what I am talking about, so you can either move onto a different site or revel quietly at the ridiculousness of my English translations. For those of you who know, brace yourself for my significant findings...

1) English tune: London Bridge is Falling down
Chinese song: A small bird has fallen into the water, fallen into the water, fallen into the water, a small bird has fallen into the water, it's been washed away.

2) French tune: Frere Jacque
Chinese song: Open the mosquito net, open the mosquito net, there is a mosquito, there is a mosquito, quickly get a fan, quickly get a fan, fan it away, fan it away

3) English tune: Jingle Bells (dashing through the snow) (Newly remembered today)
Chinese song: By the river is a sheep, by the sheep is an elephant, by the elephant is a little monkey that looks just like you!

Isn't it fantastic? Did the Chinese people come up with it first? I'd be fascinated to find out the history of children's songs! It seems amazing that two countries that have little links have the same tune for songs but different words.

By all means, if you want me to sing these songs to you, I will be more than happy. For some reason I know all of them, including the French ones! Hahaa. It was just an interesting observation which I thought I'd share, and something people wouldn't know unless they're British Born Chinese like me! :) Haha. Yay for BBCness! :)

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Unexpected Sighting

On my way to town today, I stumbled across a hilarious new friend....

Hello Mr gorilla! Nice to meet you! And your friend!

Yes, there was two of them. I really wish I had money and space to buy one of these! :) Haha! :)

Stamp Awesomeness

Now you all know that I love stamps and post. Well, whilst I was in the States, I read an article about some new awesome stamps that had come out. So I got my friend Lee to help me buy some since I wasn't there, and here they are!!!

Aren't they awesome?! :) I'm pretty impressed by them. Now I'm wondering whether I should use them or save them. Apparently they're worth more if they're unused, but they can be more sought after if they have a postal mark on them. I don't know. I think I might leave them in their little plastic sleeve for now :) They're pretty :)

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A little tour

I got caught up in a lot of things yesterday and didn't have time to post, but today, I'm excited to announce a little tour of my friend Ricky's House. He doesn't actually live there at the moment cos he's in Manchester, but on the way down to London, and on the way up, we dropped him off/picked him up, and I had the pleasure of noseying around some of the awesome things in his house! We saw...

...a kung fu monk attacking a helpless squirrel

The nob to the left is the real door opener. The little door handle is actually a lock!

...the most complicated clock in the world. And plays a classical piece on the hour, every hour.

...a toy andrex puppy holds the door open.

....a chocolate bunny on a lego car

I had a lovely roadtrip with a lot of fun people! Yay! :) Hoorah for roadtrips! :) And yay for other people's houses! :)

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Weekend Madness

It has been a spectacular weekend! There was white fabric and flowers and glass bowls and fairy lights. There was also a Travelodge and a little car and a bag of food and then an empty bag of food. I drove around a lot, laughed a lot, ran around a lot and ate a lot. Oh, and of course, a wedding.

Now I didn't actually have any time to take any useful pictures at the wedding. Mostly cos I was running around doing stuff trying to avoid showing people that I had no shoes on. But I do have a funny pic to show you from the hotel. Please note the door operating buttons...

It was a lovely wedding with lots of pretty people there. I got to meet a load of my friends that I don't normally see and it was just really nice to see them! :) Ah.... hope that everyone enjoyed the wedding, and my blessings to the bride and groom! :)

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Road Trip Time! :)

My car is collected, my snack food is bought and I'm nearly all packed up ready to go to London for the weekend! It will be by friends Janina and Jun's wedding! Hoorah! Not sure how much posting I'll get done while I'm gone, but I can provide the odd pic from my little phone.

So he's introducing the new temporary Zan-Mobile! :) Wooo! :)

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


It was sunny for just a few brief moments today. Made me smile. :)

I'm going to miss the orange bits in my hair when they're gone! Hahaa... Going to try and grow them out before sibling wedding number 1 :)

Monday, 16 May 2011

All done!

I've finally finished these pesky essays for Uni! Woooo! :) I'm pretty chuffed to be honest! I also went to the opticians today and got me some new eyes. I guess it's an all round good day. Here's a good pic of a very yay moment for a while back :)

Just a couple of visits into uni this week and my second second year will be done! Who would have thought that uni could actually be so much fun! :)

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Life and Hamsters

I woke up this morning wondering what country I was in. It's an odd sensation which I can't quite describe to you, but it doesn't half make your head hurt. By the time I'd worked out where I was, I had already felt like I'd done a whole day's worth of work. Stupid cold.

So Eurovision was alright yesterday. Most countries did an alright job in the end - it's been a while since I've seen the bottom of the table of scores at double figures. Although Eurovision was interesting, my sister's hamster was marginally more interesting... that really is saying something...

This is Chewy. He likes cucumbers.

Sad news of the day: Uncle is still not very well. It makes me feel very sad inside.

Happy news of the day: we've had our first donation for the Pop-Up Adventure Playground on Governor's Island! Yay for awesome people! :D

My essays are going slowly. I only have another full day to get my act together, and then a half day to tidy all three essays up. Sigh. I only have half an essay to hack through now so it shouldn't be long. Let's see if I can get it done tonight!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Eurovision Madness

The singing is terrible, and the dancing is bad, but regardless of all of that, I still watch it every year. Yes, it's Eurovision night tonight and my family, as usual, are sat in the living room having a good giggle at the ridiculous songs that are bursting out of the television. It's one of the worst, and most bias contests ever, but it's so entertaining. Let's hear it for Eurovision! Woooooo! :)

Friday, 13 May 2011

A few thoughts

I've been home for nearly 2 weeks now and it's as if I had never gone away! Saying that, I have set so many things up in the States that it almost feels weird to be back at home - I can't go and finish all that stuff that I'd started! Nevertheless, I've been hard at work here in the UK, typing away at essays and doing some Pop-Up Adventure Play work over here as well.

There are a couple of niggling worries on my mind that I thought I'd share.

1) My essays look miserable and need to be beefed but there really isn't much time, which scares me.

2) I only have 2 weeks left at home to help out with 2 separate weddings which I'd love to dedicate all of my time to but can't, which makes me sad.

3) Uncle's not very well. And that's just worrying full stop.

4) The Pop-Up Adventure Play Fund Raising appeal isn't looking too good and I'm worried that I might not have enough funds to get us through the Summer, which makes me very concerned.

Anyway, there's so many things going on, it's definitely keeping me out of trouble. And for some reason, where ever I go, it seems to rain... what is the deal with that? Good job I'm pretty damn optimistic! :)

Wednesday, 11 May 2011


I had a loooong day today. I traversed many miles on many types of transport. It was filled with happy and sad, blueberries and chocolate.

Highlight of the day: watching 2 different trains merge to become one long train! :)

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Train time!

I've been back on the trains again for a three-day commute to Leeds and back for University. It was nice to get back into Playwork and be in the company of those who know what I'm talking about (in my accent too!)

Epiphany of the day: trains and buses are two of the best nap places ever! :)

Monday, 9 May 2011

Click click clack of the Keyboard!

I've been working very hard on 3 very interesting essays for uni so I haven't really had much chance to do much else. The weather's been a bit strange so I haven't really been in the mood to go outside either. Relying on public transport when it's raining isn't something particularly fun. Oh I miss my car.

I have had the pleasure of immersing myself in crazy wedding organisation, for two whole weddings. It's a bit crazy but it keeps me out of trouble.

Back to uni tomorrow! Not been in for 3 months, but now I'll be going for 3 whole days and then the year is finished! Woooo! Well, providing I pass and stuff. Haha. Shouldn't be that much problem, right....?

Sunday, 8 May 2011

We need your help! :)

Pop-Up Adventure Play are running a summer long residency on an island just off the coast of Manhattan, and we need your help!

We need to raise money to employ staff and find resources for the whole event.

Please have a look at our fundraising website to find out more. Look at what you get for helping out! I want a free play button too! :)

As an extra bonus from me, my friends get a big hug! :D Yay! :D You will be highly appreciated!! :D

Thank you soooo much for checking out the site, and thank you for just being awesome! :D

Saturday, 7 May 2011

More hats

I couldn't resist! :)

I think I'm done now. I'm all hatted out. Maybe next year sometime there will be more to coincide with my other sibling's wedding. :)

Friday, 6 May 2011


My sister is getting married in September!! Yay! :) I have the privilege of being her maid of honour, in charge of the bridesmaids whom I've known since way back.

We went shopping to dresses today and of course, things got out of hand. I mean, with all those hats available, who can resist? :D

Oh yes. Aren't they awesome. I know that Pop-Up Adventure Play's Morgan will be impressed. :)

Dress shopping continues tomorrow. Woooo! :)

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Stampy stampy

There is a post office right next to my house. I absolutely love having it so close. It might be one of the reasons why I love send post so much!

Having been away for three months I thought I'd pay a visit to my local post office to say hi to the people who work there. They asked me how my trip was which was really funny. I went to buy some more stamps cos I'd run out and then remembered very excitedly that there's always some super exciting stamps to buy in the UK, so I asked for some and look what I got! :)

I was so chuffed! People are getting post soon, just because I got interesting stamps! And obviously because I think they're awesome post receiverers. :) Hahaa. Yay for post! :)

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


At the end of my placement, I have some links to show you.

First of all, a link for the newly revamped Pop-Up Adventure Play website. It's awesome, and I especially love the colour and vibrant feel of it all.

I'd like to also show you a number of really cool sites which I have been involved in doing. First, The Festival of Ideas for New York City where Pop-Up Adventure Play will be having a gig. That's going to be on 7th May. I'm excited about it, eventhough I'm not going to be there. Also while I'm in the UK, there's going to be a Pop-Up PLAY day in association with a organisation called PLAY! That one'll be on the 14th May.

Another big one will be on Governor's Island, NY where I will be appearing all Summer to work in their Sculpture Garden where Pop-Up Adventure Play will have a residency. I will be there for most Saturdays during the Summer - you should come and visit me! :)

So yes. I guess I've had some results since going to the States. Exciting stuff! :) More to come soon! :)

Home :)

I'm home! :D I slept for 13 hours last night in my very own bed and now I'm ready to go go go again! :) Lots to do now in my month in the UK. I'll be updating everyone as I go, and what I get up to, and of course, when I'll be leaving again! Yes, I'll be going away again! :) You can't keep me still for long! :)

Sunday, 1 May 2011

89 days of awesome :)

I'm all packed and ready to come home now. A quick flight to Chicago then back to Manchester, arriving at stupid-o'clock on Monday morning. I've had a fantastic adventure here, but it's time to go home and get ready for the next adventure. Awesome. :)