Friday, 13 May 2011

A few thoughts

I've been home for nearly 2 weeks now and it's as if I had never gone away! Saying that, I have set so many things up in the States that it almost feels weird to be back at home - I can't go and finish all that stuff that I'd started! Nevertheless, I've been hard at work here in the UK, typing away at essays and doing some Pop-Up Adventure Play work over here as well.

There are a couple of niggling worries on my mind that I thought I'd share.

1) My essays look miserable and need to be beefed but there really isn't much time, which scares me.

2) I only have 2 weeks left at home to help out with 2 separate weddings which I'd love to dedicate all of my time to but can't, which makes me sad.

3) Uncle's not very well. And that's just worrying full stop.

4) The Pop-Up Adventure Play Fund Raising appeal isn't looking too good and I'm worried that I might not have enough funds to get us through the Summer, which makes me very concerned.

Anyway, there's so many things going on, it's definitely keeping me out of trouble. And for some reason, where ever I go, it seems to rain... what is the deal with that? Good job I'm pretty damn optimistic! :)

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