Friday, 27 May 2011

Friends, Teachers and Fellow Countrymen, Lend Me Your Ears.... :)

I know that a lot of you have been following my progress on my blog, watching my adventure and sharing my happinesses and adversities. Now I would like for you awesome people to extend your hand in kindness to help the kids in NYC.

Pop-Up Adventure and I really need your help! We have approximately 11 days to raise $7000 which is complete madness, but every dollar we do make will help towards a very good cause!

Donating a dollar to Pop-Up Adventure Play will give children the opportunity to play. But not just any old play - good quality, uninterrupted, well facilitated, imaginative, good ol' fashioned get-your-hands-muddy-and-your-pants-dirty play. I know that each and every single one of you who read my blog know about this type of play. Just think about the kinda fun things you used to do as kids. Did you like climbing trees? Did you used to explore the woodlands near your house? Did you make your own dens and have your own secret clubs? Kids nowadays don't get that chance anymore! But you can help them make memories that you have now through our project!

Please go onto our IndieGoGo campaign and donate even a few dollars to the Pop-Up Adventure Play event on Governor's Island. You will be helping me and my colleagues to get materials together, gather a community of volunteers and provide that opportunity for kids to play in their own way. You will get the satisfaction of helping children make memories that will last a lifetime!

Also, if you donate to our campaign, I promise to personally come and give you a hug. Nomatter where you are! :)

I know you are very awesome people, and I know that you care. Please, if you can, donate a few dollars to our wonderful project.

Thank you very much! And to those who have donated, you are absolute stars. You really are.

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