Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A little tour

I got caught up in a lot of things yesterday and didn't have time to post, but today, I'm excited to announce a little tour of my friend Ricky's House. He doesn't actually live there at the moment cos he's in Manchester, but on the way down to London, and on the way up, we dropped him off/picked him up, and I had the pleasure of noseying around some of the awesome things in his house! We saw...

...a kung fu monk attacking a helpless squirrel

The nob to the left is the real door opener. The little door handle is actually a lock!

...the most complicated clock in the world. And plays a classical piece on the hour, every hour.

...a toy andrex puppy holds the door open.

....a chocolate bunny on a lego car

I had a lovely roadtrip with a lot of fun people! Yay! :) Hoorah for roadtrips! :) And yay for other people's houses! :)

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