Tuesday, 3 May 2011


At the end of my placement, I have some links to show you.

First of all, a link for the newly revamped Pop-Up Adventure Play website. It's awesome, and I especially love the colour and vibrant feel of it all.

I'd like to also show you a number of really cool sites which I have been involved in doing. First, The Festival of Ideas for New York City where Pop-Up Adventure Play will be having a gig. That's going to be on 7th May. I'm excited about it, eventhough I'm not going to be there. Also while I'm in the UK, there's going to be a Pop-Up PLAY day in association with a organisation called PLAY! That one'll be on the 14th May.

Another big one will be on Governor's Island, NY where I will be appearing all Summer to work in their Sculpture Garden where Pop-Up Adventure Play will have a residency. I will be there for most Saturdays during the Summer - you should come and visit me! :)

So yes. I guess I've had some results since going to the States. Exciting stuff! :) More to come soon! :)

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