Friday, 10 June 2011


There is wonderful news, and there is sad news.

The wonderful news is that we raised over $1000 in the Governors Island IndieGoGo Campaign! Woooo! :) There will be more fund raising events over the summer, but we are very happy to have made so much, and can't quite believe we know so many wonderful people! A huge thank you to everyone who helped out, in whatever shape or form! :) Yay! :)

The sad news is of my Uncle. He really isn't very well and our family has had to pull together to support one another through this tough time. He's been hanging out at a hospital for a while now but we now know what's up with him and we really hope that the right decision can be made about his treatment. For those that do, please pray for my Uncle, and for my family.

On a completely different tangent, it's very warm in the US. Very warm. Makes me happy :)

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