Saturday, 25 June 2011

Preparing for another playful weekend

Fridays are days where I have to mentally prepare myself for craziness. When I'm in the UK, weekends are my busiest times -  I meet friends, I run errands, I have stuff to do. In the US, I have to mentally prepare myself for a weekend of playfulness, full of surprises, and an opportunity to test my playworker skills to the limit.

Just to throw something new into the works this week, I've also had my family firmly lodged in my mind. Things at home are a little unpredictable at the moment, and even from all the way over here I can hear and feel the thick emotions that are in the air. My heart goes out to my mum who is probably having the hardest time with all of this stuff, and I wish I could support my dad and sister during this time too. Sucks to be away from home when a whole load of stuff is happening. I pray that everything works out in the end. Love you.

Another weekend, another challenge. Bring it, NYC. And bring it, crazy family happenings. 

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