Thursday, 14 July 2011


I'm been keeping a close eye on the Pop-Up Adventure Play in the internet and I have found several things of interest recently that have lead me to to believe that one day I could indeed be famous with my other Pop-Up colleagues. I guess it all comes from not being particularly camera shy and just being everywhere all the time. Here are a few links that will make you happy:

A picture of me working on the island in front of that other weird looking sculpture.

An awesome interview that Morgan had with a wonderful organisation in Costa Rica who's also doing Pop-Ups.

Rather funny photo of me and Sharon taking a break.

A Pop-Up Adventure Play mention in Dwell Magazine.

And a rather badly put together video of our site on Governors Island featuring glimpses me and Sharon.

Maybe I will be famous one day. I'll keep googling myself. Until then, I'll gain fame through Pop-Up Adventure Play, who are doing ever so well. Yay for Pop-Ups! :)

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