Thursday, 21 July 2011

Timezone Madness

The part of the US where I'm staying is 5 hours behind the US. So when it's 10 in the morning here, it's 3 in the afternoon in the UK. It's a relatively harmless time difference since for the bulk of the time, we're awake at the same time during the day.

Pop-Up Adventure Play's Morgan Leichter-Saxby is currently in the UK and we've not spoken to her for ages because she's been very busy. We managed to get ourselves together to meet up today so this morning, Sharon Unis and I decided to wake up at 7am to catch Morgan at noon. I was definitely not fully operational for the first hour of the meeting this morning. Ha.

It was pretty awesome to catch up this morning. Yay! I'd wake up at crazy o-clock many more times just to catch up with Pop-Up awesomeness. It was worth it.

(I had a 3 hour nap straight after)


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