Sunday, 4 September 2011

The Chris and James Party

Yesterday, we had Christabel and James' pre-wedding, post hag/stag do party. We couldn't decide what to call it so we ended up calling it the Christabel and James Party. They gave us a date and a list of people to invite and then it was the best woman (me) and the man of honour (my brother, Clem)'s job to sort the whole thing out.

The plan was, Chris and James would make themselves scarce in the morning, and then we would cook and decorate to our hearts content. Then they would arrive at home, we'd completely confuse them by diverting their attention, then abduct them with blindfolds, and arrive at the undisclosed venue for their party. It was hilarious.

We then had lots of food before playing some pretty awesome games. Can you guess what this one was about?

I think overall, the party was a complete success! Everyone was well fed, had fun and had a chance to spend some time with Chris and James to celebrate their wedding! There are more hilarious photos here. A big thank you to everyone who came to the party, and managed to keep it mostly a secret for about a month. :) You made this party awesome! :) Yay to Chris and James! And hoorah for parties! :)

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