Friday, 23 September 2011

Expedition through the Realms of Zan's Room

It's been a few weeks since I've been back from the States and instead of unpacking, I just allowed my suitcase to explode inside my room. This morning, I decided that it was time rediscover the floor of my bedroom and do some deep-mess-diving.

A few hours in, and I reckon my room looks a lot better now - I have a clean and walkable floor now, and it turns out I've always had a desk tidy on the cupboard behind the desk, but I didn't know until today. The recycling man should be happy cos I've just been getting rid of paper today. Who would have thunk that I'd accumulate so much! :)

Having done the bulk of my tidying, I decided to go for a special task as a reward. Over the years, I have sent and have been sent a lot of post, and I've kept them all packed tidily away. The box has been getting a bit full though, so I went through it to take out any unnecessary envelopes and junk mail, and became happily reunited with some really awesome post:

The two part postcard featuring dog with floppy ears blowing in the breeze was sent to me by my awesome friend Lee. The banana postcard is from my lovely friend Jenny, and the flowery envelop was made and sent by my creative friend Ric! How awesome are they?!

Anyway, I guess that's been it for the day. Just tidying and tying up loose ends. And recycling. I was still in my sleepy clothes until 7:30 and then had to nip across to visit the neighbour so I grudgingly changed. I like pyjama day. It always feels so constructive eventhough you've really done nothing at all. :)

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