Friday, 9 September 2011

Lots of Wedding Stuff

It's been a week of just wedding wedding weddings. Yesterday, I know I took a quick break but today it was back to it. Most of the bridemaids have had their dresses fitted and will be ready to pick up on Sunday. The cake has been made, and there's a room in the house that is overflowing with favours, cards, ideas and wedding goodness. The flowers arrived this morning, and without giving too much away, I allowed my camera to get swallowed up in petals...

I've been printing stuff, sticking stuff, poking stuff... it's been a very interesting week! Nearly everything is done now and all we have to do is stick up the decorations, get the flowers in, put on our pretty frocks and turn up to the big day! Wooo! :) Not long to go now! How very exciting! :)

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