Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Mr and Mrs James Mui

Hoorah! What a lovely day! The bride was lovely, the groom looked great, the weather held out and I didn't fall out of my dress! How much better could it be?

I did work out one draw back of being the bridemaid - the dress doesn't accessorise very well with a humongous camera. As a result, I have a grand total of 3 photos from the day, and they are all of my sister before she left the house. This is a nice picture though. :)

Mr and Mrs Mui are now on their way to Rome on their mini-moon, and all I can say is that I hope they enjoy their little trip, look after eachother, and enjoy their adventure ahead. Hoorah for Chris and James! Be good and eat lots (all the time - screw diets!). Never go to bed angry and never let a day go by without telling eachother how much you mean to one another. You are both very blessed to have eachother.

And hoorah to everyone to helped out! Let me try and list all these people. In no particular order...

Clem for being awesome awesome, Harry for being tall and awesome, Anthony for being cool and awesome, Pippa for being beautiful and awesome, Milan for being beautiful and awesome and the best late night working buddy I've ever had, Becky for being beautiful and awesome too, Mrs Wong for helping my mum and keeping her sane, Mrs Tsang for coming from so far away to keep my mum sane and doing the tea ceremony and just being lovely, Mrs So for being ever so efficient, Mr So for being hilarious, Angel for helping to keep me sane, Elibe for helping mum with the flowers and talking to my uncle forever, Fiona Chan for being Fiona Chan, Fiona Thompson for being there even if it's just in spirit, Damon for coming from afar and being the background star as usual, Damon's Jenny for being awake and helpful and nice, Martin for having the best piano fingers in the world, Lisa for being awesome in so many different ways, Andy for being Andy so well, Janina for fighting with the hotel for us and winning, Shyen Wei for being Shyen Wei, Peter Lee for being able to make it, Patrick for being a wonderful speaker, Helen for her generous heart, Tony for his muscles, Rachel for making stuff look pretty, Rachel's mum for helping out without any of us knowing, Ricky for watching the cars and keeping me sane, Nancy for minding my bag or my flowers or my bag and flowers.... oh and Kit! You too! :)

I didn't mention the people who don't actually know me personally, but those above are the people who I know or have gotten to know whom I truly thank for helping to day yesterday successful. There are plenty of other people who helped out too who I have still to meet and I'm sure I'll love, and I thank you all too! :)You will all be greatly blessed one day :)

Hoorah for everyone! Wooo! :)

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