Thursday, 29 September 2011

My New Little Friends!

I've spent a couple of weeks, since my visit to the Eco Home, thinking about what I could do to be a little more Green at home. The inspiration came when we received another recycling bin at home and the leaflet that came with it suggested we try out alternative forms of recycling like getting a wormery. It looked like loads of fun, and the one at the Eco Home seemed pretty easy to maintain. So then I spent about an hour convincing my mother it would a good idea (she still isn't convinced) and then I ordered my mini wormery!

That was Monday, and today it arrived! I was sooo excited! :)

Slightly sleepy but excited Zan! Ready to assemble my Wormery! :)

Things I was sent to make the wormery.

And the stars themselves - a bag full of wriggly worms! And some soil.

I fixed on the tap at the bottom - this will be for tapping off plant feed every few weeks which we can use to feed our plants at home.

Assembling the inside - a platform then a sheet of newspaper. 

Peat, then some moist newspaper, then the wormies!

Now a couple of handfuls of kitchen waste - on the menu today, breadcrumbs, carrots, some lettuce, onion/garlic peel and a teabag!

Lid on, spoon at the ready, the wormery is complete! :) Yay! :)

My new little friends are currently living in the garage because it's so warm this week. When it gets cooler again, I'll put them outside in the garden. I have to leave them to get to know their bucket for a week before I can start feeding them more regularly, but in 8 weeks time, I'll have plant feed, and then shortly after that, compost! How cool is that? :D Yay for worms, and yay for green living! :)

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