Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Random but Happy Music

So the happy couple have returned from their mini-moon and met up with my Godfather, Clem and I in Manchester for a quick lunch and then a little wander. It was purely by coincidence did we stumble across some live Jazz music in the Royal Exchange. It was so much fun and there were people dressed in period clothing having a little dance too. It was all very happy :)

After bobbing merrily away to this music, we parted company for a while and the Godfather, Clem and I went to the Trafford Centre for a quick wander. Purely by coincidence we happened to arrive at Old-People-Dancing-Time! It was so cute seeing them all in little lines dancing away to more live music and it was just really cool. And happy! :)

It was a little bit of a random day but it was good fun! :) Don't think I've ever accidently seen so much live music before in Manchester! :) It made me very happy :D

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