Monday, 31 October 2011

Another Workplace, Another Crazy T-shirt!

Hello! So those amongst you who try and keep track of my crazy life will know that I've been looking for a Christmas Temp job whilst working on my grand plans to take over the world through play. Needless to say, it has been a struggle to do both of these things, but one more so than the other.

So now I shall declare that I am back in the working world (very briefly, until January) and I have another work t-shirt to add to my ever increasing collection of ex-work shirts. This selection, of course, includes the infamous Ikea t-shirt and really, compared with that, I never thought I would have anything brighter. Until today.

That there is but a section of my shirt. IT'S LIKE THAT ALL OVER. I've never, ever, liked pink in the first place and now? Well. I have to apparently take pride in wearing this thing. ARGH! You know, it's a good job they keep me busy cos if I got bored and inspected my attire, I would be ashamed every time to see what I'm wearing pink. I'm so sad.

But I'm so happy! I'm employed again! Wooo! :) In a cool workplace! Yay! :) I suppose it could be worse... they could give me pink pants too I guess.... o.O

PS. Yes I will keep you guessing as to where I work. Don't want to do unnecessary publicity for people do I? :D

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