Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Ice Sculpture

This morning, at around 7:30, I got to the train station only to discover massive block of ice in the middle of the concourse. Curious, I took a picture, and then completely forgot about it.

A team of ice sculpters work on this huge block of ice. It looked pretty cold there!

So because I'd completely forgot about this, and also had a lecture and 2 naps (both on the train!), I was really surprised to see the ice block was still there! And that it was fully functional! :)

People sat down on the rug and had a pic with the iceman! :)

It was a nice publicity stunt to get us to think about our winter plans and how to keep the house warm and stuff. Definately memorable, but I'm not sure if it's made me want to go and warm my pipes up! Ha! :) Fun though, and made me pretty happy! :)

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