Saturday, 31 December 2011

My 2011 Review :)

It's the end of 2011. It's been a pretty crazy year, full of many many awesome adventures and exciting things! I have spent 6 months in the US with and the other 6 months inbetween Manchester and Leeds. I've visited 6 different States and have spent a lot of time in 12 different cities in 3 different countries, and have been on so many flights I don't even remember any more. It's been an eventful one, and here are some of the photos showing some highlights of my year:

I made a model for uni and it's one of the best things I've ever made.

Was totally wowed by Chris' amazing rainbow cake

I got stuck in Chicago for 3 days but it was worth it for this photo!

I went to the poshest hotel and conference center in Clemson I've ever seen!

It was the beginning of my involvement with Pop-Up Adventure Play!

My first ever Pop-Up Adventure Play gig and it was in Boston!

I love this photo that I took of Eliza and a puppy we met one day. In Boston! :)

And from a complaint, I got the best ever freebie I have ever had! Lots of Pirate Booty! :)

The Rhythm and Play Event, in conjunction with Rhythm Connect! The first thing I've organised on my own as part of Pop-Up Adventure Play :)

Our first ever Pop-Up Adventure Play logo!

My presentation at the TASP conference with Fraser Brown and Michael Patte! :)

Back in the UK - Bridesmaids dress shopping for my sister's wedding

Road trip to London for Janina and Jun's wedding.

I was invited to help out with the Governors Island project in NYC.

Fundraising for Pop-Up Adventure Play.

Cycling on Governors Island

Fun at Pop-Up Adventure Playgrounds

Exciting bookshops

Meet the Pop-Up Adventure Play team!

I went Raspberry picking! :)

I sat in a swing that some awesome kids made.

I had a fantastical birthday! :)

I helped to create and battle the monster with a thousand eyes on Governors Island.

I saw the cutest robots at another Pop-Up Adventure Play organised event

And I went to a very nice, very blue beach! :)

After being stuck in the US for two days, I arrived home to host the Chris and James' pre wedding party

Chris and James got married! :)
Mum, Dad, Uncle, Clem and I went for a wander in some hills.

And I bought a wormery! :)

We went to Southport.

I went back to Uni.

And then I went to Cardiff to visit Morgan and the Pop-Up Play Shop.

I got my best ever fireworks photo on Bonfire Night

And I had lots of work to do for uni. Which made me sad. And unable to take photos.

Clem's birthday with Fiona :)

The giantest sky lantern ever

Most of the family with the tree on a treadmill

And Uncle. Happy. :)

It's been a fantastic year. Eventful, adventurous and exciting. I started this blog last year so that I could chronicle my adventures this year and help me remember all the crazy things that I do. It was only gonna be for a year, but you know? I think I might carry on. It's very interesting and a good way to keep track of things. Yes. More Zan blog! And of course, more Zan blog world domination! Look how far my blog has reached around the world!

Seems pretty awesome to me. :)

For now, I hope that you all have a lovely new years eve and remember the good times of 2011, and look forward to the new year and all the awesome things ahead! Thanks for sticking with my blog for a year, and hope that you follow me into 2012! :)  Above all, keep smiling and playing - everything's a bit better when you look on the bright side. :)

Friday, 30 December 2011

Celebrations :)

A celebration of a trifle love

A celebration of cake.

A celebration of life and health

A celebration of bread, and brothers

A celebration of friends and family

It's been a good few days. :)

Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas :)

Alternative present wrapping (and reusable too!)

Christmas eve dinner

Christmas tree photo (with much amusement with the timer on the camera)

Christmas day dinner, and much redness from me :)

And our family's first Christmas pudding. And someone put Clem in charge...

It's been a lovely Christmas. Good to have everyone with us, and nice to have such delicious food as well. A big thank you to our cooks at home, and may their pans ever produce lovely delicacies. Merry Christmas to everyone! :)

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas with my Nancy

My most bestest friend in the entire world is a person I've known since I was 11. She's a little crazy like me and lives down south whilst I'm up north so we don't get to spend much time with eachother normally. But every year, we will find some time at Christmas to have a laugh and a giggle and generally have some festive fun. For her Christmas present, we made vol au vents together:

And in return, my Nancy made me some sweet mincemeat for mince pies, and some red onion chutney! :) I'm so impressed and happy! :)

It's good to be surrounded by old friends during Christmas. I'll have another group of them to hang out with on Monday. But right now, I will feel happy and fuzzy about my friend Nancy and will wish you all a very merry Christmas!

More Christmas posting later today. Lots of food and presents involved! :) Yay for Christmas! :)