Monday, 31 December 2012

My 2012 Review :)

I have been thinking about my year and how best to review it, and I realised I did quite a good job last year. So what better way is there than reviewing my year using the photos from my blog? Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you my 2012:

In January:

I had fun with Morgan and the children of Cardiff City Center in the Pop-Up Play Shop.

I went to London briefly and started brimming with British pride.

Mum and Dad also made a whole load of Chinese Sausages on the kitchen radiator.

In February:

I went to the Pop-Up Play Shop in Cardiff again and did some knitting with giant needles.

Then I went to visit adventure playgrounds in Wrexham with Maayan and wrote my most popular blog post ever! I got 300 hits in 24 hours!

I had the pleasure of hosting a baby shower for Tracey, complete with tea and scones!

In March:

I did a poster presentation for my dissertation.

I started up Freebie Fridays - my weekly post about the free stuff I acquire from all over, collated on the dedicated Freebie Fridays page!

We sent our mums to a craft exhibition for mothers day on the train.

I also went to visit my lovely friend Chikae in Durham.

In April:

I went to visit Morgan in Yorkshire and saw my first amazing play sign.

I baked a lot to inspire dissertation writing.

And then rejoiced when I finished my BA dissertation on the Playwork Principles. And then I baked.

In May:

I made my first visit to Wyke Community and Children's Centre

I went to the Spirit of Adventure Play Comference in Cardiff and met Bob Hughes!

Very unexpectedly I had my gallstones removed. Gah!

I did my last project for my Playwork Degree. Hoorah!

In June:

I organised our road's first ever street party.

I had my gallbladder removed, and spent a long time in recovery.

We witnessed a moment in history when we saw the Olympic torch!

I found out that I got a first for my degree! Hoorah! :)

July - the most eventful month of my life thus far.

My brother got married and I gained a sister. 

The Godfather came to visit and we were all very silly for a little while.

Uncle lost his battle with cancer and we had to say goodbye.

I went back to Wrexham with Andy and met David Ramsey and his family.

I graduated with the only one of my two degrees that I am proud of. On my birthday.

In August:

I think this is my photo of the year. Taken when I volunteered to work at Wyke Community and Children's Center for National Play Day.

I packed to go on an adventure.

I was part of a music festival. With Ed at Rhythm Connect.

I started my Sketchbook. Gah, it's due soon!

I went to see the amazing Niagara Falls in NY, USA and ON, Canada. :)

In September:

I found the multicoloured chickens!

I went to Ithaca to see the Anarchy Zone!

I also started organising Marc Armitage's debut US tour!

In October:

I went on Pop-Up business to MoMA!

I hung out with some awesome children in Boston

A crazy superstorm came and ate the East Coast of the US. And delayed my flight home. Of course.

And I adopted and carved Phil. And then had my first American halloween!

In November:

I came back to the UK and Morgan came to stay. And it was awesome.

It was very very cold.

And I hung out with Marc Armitage. And Andy. And Morgan.

In December:

I dressed up as a hobbit.

I went to the Christmas markets. Four times.

I had Christmas with my college friends.

I had Christmas with my Chinese friends.

I had Christmas with my family.

And we set off another mahoosive sky lantern.

In grand scheme of end-of-year reviews and all that, I am also very pleased to give you some facts and figures about this blog. In 2012:
  • The blog had it's 2nd birthday
  • I wrote my 500th blog post
  • I had my 10,000th visitor to the blog
  • Readers of my blog now come from 71 different countries
  • There are visitors to my blog from 48 of 52 US States
And I reckon that that is pretty awesome. I'm pretty chuffed.


It has truly been an eventful year. There has been sadness and joy, love and fear, but it has made me stronger, more appreciative, and more ready than ever to face 2013. The year just gone has required me to summon every ounce of courage and patience that I had, and use humility and inner strength that I never thought that I had. I hope that the New Year will be filled with awesomeness, just like the last. And I hope to be challenged too. I just pray that God will continue to give me the strength, wisdom and guidance enough for me to deal with every challenge as they come my way.

This is me, Suzanna Law, saying goodbye to 2012, and welcoming 2013 :)

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Fun with Food

I bought a bag of really cool pasta for 69p and all of my pasta meals have been super fun since. What is this super fun pasta you say? Well...

On inspection, I think I found peppa pig, hello kitty, thomas the tank engine and lots and lots of trains. Oh, and it took me ages to find the letters for "crazy pasta" because N and Z were the most prominent letters in the bag.

I've had pasta 3 times now and there's gonna be loads more left. Happy pasta makes me super smiley. Little things are the best. Hoorah for the little things :)

Friday, 28 December 2012

Zan Vs Naan 2012

When the PMs are in town, we try our best to get together as many times as possible. Today, we decided to go for a curry! I've not had a curry since my operation so I was SO excited to have inconsequential greasy food! Yay! :)

This is us, contemplating curry.

This is curry, newly arrived, and the stack of naan bread, waiting for me to nom nom NOM!

Half of our group after curry! Hoorah! :)

Here we all are now, waiting for dessert at a sweet foods place.

This is my black forest cake. NOM NOM NOM!

I love eating, and I love my PMs, so together today I had a lovely day. I had a bit of a rubbish day at work, but it was nice to be collected and then whisked away on an evening of laughter and fun. Hoorah for the PMs and hoorah for food! :)