Monday, 30 January 2012

Popping in to the Play Shop

A journey down south for me will not feel right without a visit to the Play Shop. With Morgan so diligently looking after the place, I had to go down and join in the fun too! :) Here's what we got up to:

Here is the painty hand tree that used to be much smaller, but now it got a lot bigger. Morgan blogs about the beginning of the tree, and it was lovely to see it actually in the shop! :)

Morgan showed me about the tiny little sock prints that happened right after the painty hand tree. They are SO cute.

This little boy collected all the balloons and then released them into the world!

Attacking Morgan with balloons! :)

A lovely, happy, together picture

We're painting the shop brown! There are now some lovely feature walls.

Then we painted balloons, and when they popped, they became a speckle-ly feature!

Balancing on cardboard tubes - looks a bit like a dance routine here.

So a little boy asked me to sit in this chair next to the window and then told me I had jumped off a cliff because I was aiming for a rock pool but then I missed so I got a bandage on my head and arms. I then was told that I ate a bad possum, so that meant I needed bandages to my legs. I was also then instructed not to move until next week.

The painty hand tree got bigger today! Yay, new hand prints! :)

Morgan tells me that this little boy normally comes to the shop and does little things quietly in the corner. Today, he came in and made a statement!

Here is a little boy in a box. That little face shows just how happy he is, and how this just sums up what PUAP is! :)

It was a lovely Saturday of play! The shop's gonna be open for another month or so, but if you have any ideas of what or how we could make this project stay for longer, please drop me a line. If you want to support our cause, have a quick look at the Pop-Up Play Shop website, and drop some pennies in our Paypal pot.

Hoorah for play, and yay for the Pop-Up Play Shop! :)

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