Sunday, 29 January 2012

To London, Bath, Cardiff and Back

After a crazy three day adventure, I'm back! I took lots of photos, and will show you the highlights of my trip.

I started in Manchester and then went to visit my sister and brother-in-law in London.

I went on the tube. Quite a few times. And didn't get lost! :)

I saw the huge Olympic rings in King's Cross St Pancras

I found Platform 9 3/4! Felt like I was in Harry Potter :)

After a quick cup of tea with my friend Nancy (at 8am in central London!), I went to visit my brother in Bath.

It rained hard for about 15 minutes and then it was lovely! Look at that sky!

I found the oldest house in Bath - home of the Sally Lunn Bun! :)

We had sushi from a conveyor belt for tea! :)

After visiting my brother I went to see my colleague Morgan in Cardiff! :) We spent the day in the Pop-Up Play Shop :)

I played with balloons.

Painted on the wall.

And got taken into hospital because I jumped off a cliff into a rock pool and missed, and then ate a bad possum. (More on this tomorrow)

I had a lovely little adventure and saw 5 awesome people! Eventhough I'm a little tired, it was a fun trip at a bargain price! Woohoo! :) I love adventures. More adventures coming soon! :)

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