Thursday, 23 February 2012

An Adventure Playground Adventure

A lovely young man from the USA came to visit me yesterday, and we decided to have an adventure. He's called Maayan and is from somewhere near Boston, MA, and had lots of questions about play and playwork. So our adventure took us to Wrexham in North Wales where we did a tour of 3 adventure playgrounds! Here are my thoughts from my day.

1) The Land
Brand new and shiney, Plas Madoc is a lovely junk playground full of awesome junk with a lovely landscape complete with mini stream. Children have taken to this space immediately, and both Maayan and I fell in love with the site. This was the only site where my awesome camera had battery, so we have some lovely pics:

What a lovely name that the local children have given this place.

Look at this fort - built all by themselves!

Lots and lots of interesting junk, scavenged by very skilled people!

And a stream! In an adventure playground! The children must love this place. I particularly like the den with "home" written on the side.

2) The Venture
We went from the newness of Plas Madoc to the established site of The Venture. It's a massive plot of land, just for children on the huge estate that it's in. Sadly my camera died at this point and I had to resort to the mobile phone camera. Not too worry though - it was amazing. Honestly - a huge boat was there, made of wood, a big castle that had an upstairs. Everywhere is linked together with wooden bridges and platforms, not to mention the zip wires that took children whizzing across the playground. It was amazing. I think I only have one good pic:

Many years of awesome playwork, right there.

3) The Valley
The lovely Colin Powell took us around both The Venture and The Valley. The Valley has been around for about 5 years - it's like the intermediate version of Plas Madoc and the Venture. I have to say, I really liked the feel of The Valley. It's not as big as the Venture, but there's something about it that makes it feel really welcoming and awesome. I have a couple of pictures of this:

A little pirate ship/boat.

Some of the buildings the staff and children made together.

I had a wonderful day, touring around adventure playgrounds from light til it was super dark. It was really exciting to see all the wonderful work happening in Wrexham, and I really wish I had a plot of land to make my own adventure playground. There's time though, and there's lots of more opportunities, especially over in the States. Maybe Pop-Up Adventure Play will set up our own Adventure Playground one day? Who knows! 

Both Maayan and I had an awesome day! Hoorah for Adventure Playgrounds, and a big thumbs up to Wrexham! :)


  1. I so wish there was one of these near us - my boys would love to play there.

  2. Oh MAN!!! I agree with Jenny ... Australia NEEDS these kinds of playgrounds. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!
    Donna :) :)

  3. Ditto to Jenny and Donna's comments! We really need to get with the program here in Australia!

  4. Ladies, thank you so much for reading the blog post. It is wonderful to hear your support of these project as well as the enthusiasm for them. Want more training and support to set these things up? Get in touch with me and either myself or my colleagues will be able to help you, or we'll put you in touch with some people who will! :)

  5. Hi,

    Love your blog...I'm visiting from Boston, like Maayan, in July, and would like to visit Plas Madoc and Venture- do you have a contact I could e-mail at either site? I can't find any good info. on Google. Or by chance do you have info. on hours when they are open during summer months?

    1. hi i work at a adventure playground in rhyl about half a hour from wrexham ive got 2 of those sites rolled into 1 if you would like to pop an have a look you can get intouch with me at

    2. Hello Dave! Thanks for getting in touch! It is indeed quite difficult to get info on these sites on the internet. I'll be around in July so if you want to get in touch, we could go and have a road trip to Wrexham again if you like? Please get in touch by emailing me on

    3. Nicky - thanks for dropping me a line! I'd love to come and visit Rhyl at one point! Once all my assignments are in, I'll get in touch and arrange a visit! :)


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