Saturday, 25 February 2012

Balloon Themed Baby Shower :)

My friend Tracey is having a baby! It's due in about 5 weeks time, and while it's a period of nervous energy for her, it's also a great opportunity to celebrate this exciting milestone! A few of her girlfriends and I got together and had a baby shower today and it was pretty awesome! I went to collect 20 balloons this morning and felt like I was in the animated film Up! :) I decorated the room and then we made some awesome food. Here are the highlights:

My sister and I made lots of lovely food: those tuxedo strawberries are my sister's creation and I made the chocolate dipped shortbread :)

We had a nice selection of sandwiches: smoked salmon and cream cheese, egg and cress, and cucumber.

My sister also made those lovely strawberry tarts filled with chocolate and whipped cream, and under that, some freshly baked scones that I baked this morning.

Balloon themed awesomeness :)

This is the lovely Tracey showing off some gifts.

And here's me, at the end of the shower and still very excited about my balloons, and my hat! :)

I had a lovely afternoon with the girls, playing silly games and having a good ol' giggle. More food and afternoon tea required! :) My best of wishes to Tracey now as the time approaches. It's not long till we meet mini-Tracey now and I'm very excited!:) Hoorah for babies, and yay for balloons! :)

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