Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Electronic Play

I had a moment today where I was exploring something for the first time and it made me feel really excited inside. I get the same kinda feeling when I'm visiting a new place for the first time, or when I've suddenly come up with a new idea.

Anyway, today, I got my hands on the soon-to-be-released PS VITA. Here is a photo!

It's pretty nifty actually. A little heavy for my little hands, but I'm sure it's cos I'm just used to my tiny little phone. It has a front touch screen, which I thought was pretty responsive, and two joysticks which don't look as intrusive as I thought they would be before seeing it. 

I was playing Little Deviants at the time, and it was pretty snazzy, and the colours are fantastic. I was exceptionally stoked when I discovered that some games involves a back touch pad! 

Here's me, excited about the back touch pad. It looked so pretty! :)

My first thoughts about this new gadget are pretty positive. It looks impressive, and it's totally functional. I love the design of the back touch pad - it's a intuitive idea! My main concern was that children will have to be very careful about how they treat this new toy. If they scratch/break/stick stickers on the back of the PS VITA then it's bye bye rear touch pad. Other than that, I think it's pretty exciting stuff! Well, I guess the price might need to come down, but that'll come with time.

Oh, side note, if you drop me a line, I can give you details about pre-ordering and trade ins. I've always said that I wouldn't promote my retail stuff on my blog, but I've been very impressed today. I'm just letting you all know that it might be worth investigating. Haha. Yay for new technology! :)

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