Thursday, 16 February 2012

Last Day at the Pop-Up Play Shop

It was the last of my 4 day run as guest lead playworker at the Pop-Up Play Shop. It was pretty quiet actually but it didn't stop us from having a good play.

First, a birthday message to my sister! On the wall of the Play Shop!

Then, a cardboard truck!

Next, some knitting with the giant needles, featured on my blog before.

Then, a man made of balloons.

Followed by balloons sticking on people.

As well as balloons sticking on walls.

I went for some finger painting soon after but my hand is now stained orange!

But the hand painty wall looks a little better after a little visitor and I tried to resurrect it.

It was a wonderful week at the Pop-Up Play Shop in Cardiff. I should be back again, maybe mid March, and it'll be even more awesome. I've really enjoyed my time doing some actual playwork. I've met some lovely people and look forward to coming back to have more awesome fun! Hoorah for the Pop-Up Play Shop! :)

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