Monday, 20 February 2012

A Little Sewing Project

Before Christmas, I bought some fabric that I really wanted to use to make something like a bag or cushion but I didn't have any time to make anything. Last night however, I had a sudden urge so sew. So I did! :) This is what I came up with :)

I did some interesting hand stitched edges.

It was a little labour intensive but it looked quite pretty. I'll need a little more practice though.

Finished the stitching, but what next?

A nice read button I think :)

And there's the finished product, yay! A little pouch, maybe for business cards or tickets? It would probably be okay for other stuff too like jewellery. It could be used for lots of things really! :)

So yes that was my little sewing adventure. I think I must have been inspired by all the things I've been looking at on Etsy recently. It's a magical place, Etsy. You should go there and look at all the handmade stuff they have :) 

Anyway, sewing project over and it was fun! Maybe I'll make a few more :) Hoorah for sewing, and hoorah for handmade stuff! :)


  1. Wonderful!! How long did you use to do ALL of the edges?? blimey. you are patient lady.
    Just wondering if you have heard of an overlocking sewing machine? It overlock the edges for you, & great fun. Although you definitely miss out on the super personal handcrafted skills of Zan!

    Excellent handmade sewing craft mutli-purpose pouch (^_^)=b Wai

    1. I know about overlockers - I've been told there's one at home somewhere. I just wanted to sew, so I did just that. Quite therapeutic actually. Took me about 4 hours in total? Totally worth it. :)


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