Tuesday, 21 February 2012


I love pancakes. The first thing I said to my mum this morning when I woke up was "It's Pancake Day!" to which her reply was "Okay, so we having pancakes!"

So when the time came, it was also my annual pancake flipping lesson. Both of my parents are awesome at tossing pancakes - I'm not kidding. They do it with ease! So they were both teaching me, showing me and giving advice. It's so easy to lapse into fits of giggles though, especially when you do it with just one hand. Mum said I had to do it with one hand cos it looks more "pro". So I practiced. And eventually, I got it! Here is a video of me working really hard to flip my pancake 3 times.

My pancakes were delicious! Even Uncle said they were good. I might have to make more another day though cos pancakes once a year just simply isn't enough. Hoorah for pancakes! :) And I can't wait til the next pancake day! :)

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