Monday, 27 February 2012

Pop-Up Adventure Play is Go!

Yesterday, I blogged about some of the stuff that Pop-Up Adventure Play has been up to recently. Today, I'd like to tell you about some stuff that's about to happen - it's all very exciting! As yesterday, I'll have to talk about stuff in terms of location. And today I'd like to feature Morgan, Sharon and Anna! Woooo!

Eastbourne, UK
Every year, there is a huge Playwork Conference in the UK in Eastbourne run by the lovely Mr Meynell and his band of awesome people. This year's playwork conference is the 10th and it looks like it's gonna be a big one! Of course, Pop-Up Adventure Play has to be there! Our Morgan is going to be our rep there and is going to be running a few workshops and just generally showing the world how glorious we are as an organisation, and how awesome she is. You know why I say that? Because she's been nominated for a couple of Playwork Awards!! It was featured in Ip Dip last week, so I took the liberty of copying and pasting the short list to show you:

For those of you who are familiar with Playwork, you will know that being in a list with Bob Hughes is a BIG thing. And Morgan was SO shocked when she found out she was nominated for Playwork Writer. She was also super shocked about the Special Mention award too! Hehe! I'm just chuffed for her. She totally deserves it! :)

Largo, FL, USA
So I mentioned that we were in Clemson last year, attending the US Play Coalition hosted Play Conference. Well, when we were there, we met a lovely lady called Jennifer to immediately took to the idea of Pop-Up Adventure Play. A few months later, she told us that she'd been in touch with a gazillion people and was going to run a city-wide "Play Unplugged" event! And not only that, she wanted Pop-Up Adventure Play to be part of it! So Pop-Up Adventure Play's Anna, Sharon and Morgan are going to be deployed to the city of Largo and train lots of lovely people about play and it's awesomeness! Check out the Play Unplugged trailer!

Isn't it all very exciting! I'm slightly gutted that I can't be there, but at the same time, I'm in awe at what our organisation has become. There may be things that still need working out, but Pop-Up Adventure Play is only young, and there's a great future ahead!

So a big hoorah for Pop-Up Adventure Play, and big excitement for the journey ahead! :)

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