Sunday, 26 February 2012

Recent Times with Pop-Up Adventure Play

I'm going to take this opportunity to celebrate Pop-Up Adventure Play talk about some of the stuff that we've been doing recently. I want to applaud my awesome colleagues, and today we feature Morgan, Sharon and Daniel. To do this, I must talk about different places in different countries - I hope you're ready for a bit of crazy! :)

Cardiff, Wales
A lot of you have been following the progress of the Pop-Up Play Shop in Cardiff and it's been doing super well. The locals love it, and the local reporters have been loving it too. We had one press release a few months back when it first opened, and on Friday, BBC film cameras appeared at the Pop-Up Play Shop. It was SO awesome. Morgan was thrilled to bits! We will keep you posted about the show - we think it's airing next Saturday. I haven't got any photos of this, so just a pic from the shop for now. More on this when we find out more! :)

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Cardiff to look after the Pop-Up Play Shop whilst it's shop keeper, the lovely Morgan, was invited to Belgium to take part in what can only be described as something awesome. There was a photo in a paper of her and a few wonderful people who all got together to discuss best practice for play and working with young people in Europe. It looked like really good fun, especially because they stayed in a big yellow castle. Can you spot Morgan in this pic? :)

Clemson, SC, USA
There is a huge play conference going on in the USA right now called the 2012 Conference on the Value of Play where our very own Sharon and Daniel of Pop-Up Adventure Play are right now! They are doing a presentation and meeting lots of people from around the States who have a great interest in children's play. We went there last year too, and here is a photo from that:

This is pretty exciting stuff right? I personally haven't been able to do much because of my playwork degree, but as soon as I graduate, I promise I'll be blogging from lots of different places again! :) For now, I ride on the coat tails of my wonderful colleagues and marvel at the success that they have brought to the organisation, and the great things that are to come... and that post I will leave for tomorrow!

Hoorah for Pop-Up Adventure Play! :)

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