Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Smiley Moments :)

I'm out and about quite a lot nowadays, mostly from train station to train station to be honest with you. But when I can, I'll steal some time away from the railways and find little things that make me smile. Here are some of my recent moments.

The moment when a passion for dinosaurs and tea collide on something awesome.

The moment when I realised real root beer is available in the UK!

The moment when my favourite cheese is discovered to be packaged in handy snack-sized chunks in a lovely box.

The moment when something curiously arty appears on an otherwise dull walk.

The moment when I discovered my favourite goldfish-shaped snack is available in the UK but under a very silly name.

The moment I realised the train conductor has a softer side.

Smiley moments are important. It's the little things that make our lives better. It certainly reminds me that not everything in this world is deadly serious: we have to take time out to have playful moments every day. :)

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