Friday, 17 February 2012

Three Lovely People :)

Three people went the extra mile to make me smile over the past couple of days. I wanted to give them a special mention. Here come the photos! :)

First, my friend Joanna!
I used to babysit this lovely lady. She's all growed up now and took a sneaky break away from uni work to discover that I'm still doing the same stuff as I was about 10 years ago. Yes it has been that long, and yes I still do love it! :) Thank you for coming to visit me at the Play Shop! :)

Secondly, my brother, Clem!
Just as silly as always, Clem came to visit me in Cardiff for a whole 1 hour and 40 minutes! We had food and had a giggle and then wandered around Cardiff in the dark. It was very nice to see him, and as usual, lots of fun! :) Thanks for visiting, Clem! :)

And thirdly, and just as awesome, my lovely friend Chikae!
Chikae sent me some post whilst I was away in Cardiff, and when I came home, it was a lovely surprise! I've put the artwork on my wall now - those colours are perfect for my room! I've always felt very blessed to know this lovely girl. Thank you for thinking of me, Chikae! :)

So yeah, another round of awesome people to applaud. You all make me very happy and smile lots. Thank you for being so awesome, and thank you for taking time out for me :) You will be greatly blessed one day.

Here's photo of me in Cardiff, just to make the photos fair :)
"I'm sure I saw a castle around here somewhere"

Hoorah for Cardiff and a big yay for lovely people! :)

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