Thursday, 2 February 2012

Victorian Biscuits

I acquired a copy of Mrs Beeton's Cookbook some time last week and decided it was high time to try out a recipe. I decided to enlist the help of my lovely friend Lee and we set about interpreting a Victorian recipe for a modern kitchen. The chosen recipe, I'd expect, would be much approved of by another college friend of mine - Ric - who, as I've mentioned before, has a great affinity to.... biscuits!

So the ingredients were easy enough to get hold of (eggs, sugar, flour, butter) and the amounts weren't too hard to interpret. The method - a little tricky really. Mrs Beeton sorta just tells you to do stuff in quite flowery language. We ended up having to put an extra egg yolk in too because the mixture was far too dry. We started to doubt the recipe after that and wondered whether this old book would work in today's world.

Then it came to the real test, the baking. Mrs Beeton recommended "12 to 18 minutes or rather more longer" and it was definately rather more longer! Around 35 minutes actually! However....

They're not the prettiest of biscuits, but they're very yummy! Yay! :) And the have a biscuity texture too! :)

It worked!! They hardened up and everything! And taste great with a cuppa tea! And I guess we can say that the Victorian recipe still stands up to the test of time. Okay, so I had to make a few judgement calls on some of the stuff, like adding the extra egg, but it worked! I'M SO CHUFFED! Yay for Mrs Beeton, and yay for biscuits - the British kind! :)

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