Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A Break from the Play Shop to Play!

After a long hard day at the Play Shop, painting and suffocating ourselves with fumes, Morgan and I decided to take a quick trip to the Lego Shop in the next arcade.

We got very excited about the "customise your own lego man" gondola - we made lots of little people with a variety of different outfits and accessories!

I was very excited about the pick and mix wall - there were sooooo many bricks and soooo many colours! Made me sooo happy! :)

Blue 2x4 bricks

See through round bricks - never seen these before!

Steering wheel pieces! We only ever had one of these in our lego box when we were little and we used to fight over it!

And look - I made a stig! :)

We had lots of fun in the Lego Shop - possibly a little more fun than some of the kids were! It was really cool in there though and they had lots of awesome stuff. Maybe another quick visit tomorrow before I set off home? I don't know.

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