Saturday, 31 March 2012

Community Chess

On my wanderings around Leeds, I found something awesome: giant outdoor chess, for the general public!

 The chess pieces lives in a big black box outside the library entrance. These gentlemen went to the box, brought out the pieces one by one, set them up, then they started to play! It made me so happy!

Lots of people came to watch the games - people of all generations, contributing and discussing tactics, and then playing eachother! It was marvelous! And all in a very pretty, very majestic doorstep of the Leeds Art Gallery and Town Hall.

I stole a pawn very briefly to take a photo - it made me so happy! :)

It got me thinking though - this is a wonderful idea by someone to get men involved in a type of play that they wouldn't normally get chance to do. They play against strangers, but also come together to set things up and form relationships with other by-standing strangers. It's like an alternative to football for male bonding! Hopefully one day, I'll come across a lady playing on the chess board. But for now, this is super cool!

Hoorah for giant chess boards and chess pieces. And hoorah for strangers who play chess! :)

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