Sunday, 25 March 2012

Flowers in the Sun :)

It has been a gloriously sunny couple of days and today I decided to venture outside with my camera. After a few clicks, I realised there was a little bit of a theme going with my photos so I made them into a collage. Can you see the odd one out?

Flowers look lovely against the backdrop of the sky. I love the blue of the sky - I'm often amazed at how pure and clear it looks on days like this! Makes me happy :)

I've really enjoyed my afternoon in the sun. Found some time to read for fun and just relax a little. I've had a busy week, and have a busy week ahead so I'm getting ready for it all by having a little time for play :) If you have two minutes, go have a peek at the new Pop-Up Adventure Play Blog! Only when you've had some time outside and have said hello to the sun! :)

Hoorah for photos, blogs and sunshine! :)

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  1. Zanna, you could sell this flower collage, it looks amazing!!! I'm sure somebody would buy it for hundreds of pounds!


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