Friday, 23 March 2012

Freebie Friday - Almond Milk, Pizza, Coffee and Seeds!

Last week, I introduced you to my batch of freebies, and announced that I would have freebie fridays. This week, I've been very proud of my freebie acquisition. I was also very fortunate really. Here are two lovely photos of stuff I got:

I got this on Monday at the train station on the way to Cardiff - I couldn't keep it all week but it was a jolly good freebie eh? :)

These were posted to me in Manchester whilst I was in Cardiff - seeds and coffee! That's both parents happy right there! :)

Over the course of the week I also got a free (fake, scented) poppy and a slice of pizza. Both of which I couldn't photograph but I enjoyed very much! :) It's been a good week for free stuff! Hope you've all managed to get a little something free this week too! :)

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