Friday, 30 March 2012

Freebie Friday - chocolate, seeds and dishwasher tablets

A couple of days ago, I hinted that I had some rather impressive freebies to show off this week, and looking at it, I think it is pretty cool. Here it is:

I managed to acquire:
a sample packet of 10 dishwasher tablets
a packet of sweetcorn seeds (which are now growing)
a free Aero bar
And a Thornton's chocolate egg (walked into the shop with the voucher and walked out with an egg)

Now, there it one thing I must make clear about this week's hoard: I don't actually own a dishwasher. So the dishwasher tablets are going to be put away safely whilst I gather resources for a freebie giveaway! I think it could be a bit of fun, and I'm willing to bet that some lucky person who owns a dishwasher will have sparkling clean plates and bowls courtesy of my freebies. 

Soon, maybe. Soon.

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