Saturday, 3 March 2012

Freebies Ahoy!

Everyone loves free stuff, especially me! I've blogged about them here and here before. Very recently I've amassed a small quantity of free samples from online that have been delivered to my house by post. This morning, I got more through the post and it made me very happy so I thought I'd show you what I have at the moment.

Shampoo, face stuff, toothpaste and disclosing tablets(!)

There is also a large quantity of free coffee that my dad has already taken care of. And teabags and toothpaste which are in Cardiff.

There will be more freebies coming my way - watch this space. If you want any hints or tips, or probably links to sites, drop me a line - I love sharing my freebie secrets! :) Of course, if you hear of any freebies I can get my hands on, please let me know :) I'll get it, and then you can get a mention on this here blog :) Might have to start up Freebie Friday! Hahaha!

Hoorah for free stuff! :)

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