Friday, 2 March 2012

A Happy Day :)

It wasn't as sunny and warm as it was yesterday, but it was still a happy day! Here are three reasons why:

I got my third piece of post this week! Post that's not a bill, or trying to sell me anything. Just awesome post from some lovely friends.

After gazing quizzically at this bridge and driving underneath it for over 8 years, I finally worked out how to get onto it.

I'm on the bridge! And I'm super excited! (Slightly cold though)

My friends Martin and Ricky accompanied me to Ikea today for meatballs and a bit of a play. I had lots of fun and love this photo of Martin very seriously typing on the fake computer sitting on the chair he was about to buy :)

I had some lovely moments today as well, which included bumping into Fraser Brown on the train. 

And also a moment where I was laughing sympathetically (but mostly mercilessly) at the fact that my friend broke a rib by falling off a chair. I know it's mean, but our mothers/fathers/grandmothers/teachers always told us not to swing on our chairs because we'd hurt ourselves. I know someone who knows not to do that now.

Hoorah for happy moments, hoorah for friends, a big get well soon for my broken-ribbed friend, and just a big happy smile for Zan :)

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