Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A Happy Little Walk :)

I went on a walk with my camera today, in hope that it would inspire me to work. Here are some of the things I saw:

The neighbour's cat. Looking at in a "get out of my face" kinda way.

A puppy! Peeking at me from inbetween the fencing of his garden.

Some lovely colours and lines on a battered old shed.

The geekiest bins from house number 9.

A lovely coloured leaf, catching the sun at just the right time.

A lovely array of bright yellow flowers that lit up my face with a huge smile :)

Some super cute tiny little buds, ready to pop open when it gets warm.

And on the way back home the puppy found me! Hello puppy!

And just before I went inside, I made sure I captured the magic of purpley blue.

It was a nice walk, and although I wasn't super productive when I got back home, I did do a few bits and pieces, so it all paid off in the end! Hoorah!

Side note about today - Morgan could be receiving an award from the Eastbourne Playwork Conference as we speak. If she gets one, that's all you hear about tomorrow, so watch this space! :)

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