Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Little Bits and Pieces

I woke up this morning with a small urge to tiny. This didn't last very long though, and after discovering some forgotten books, I'd completely sidetracked. For some reason, my attention was completely captivated by Amazon Associates and the widget carousel which I will show you in this blog post right now (because it took me about an hour to work out how to do it and I need to make sure that hour was not wasted!)

This of course might get a bit silly when I recommend everything I love to all of you, but for now, let's stick to the hot topics - play and playwork. I managed to do something fancy and put it the carousel to the right there on the side bar too! So chuffed! I'm getting geekier by the day!

I managed today to reach the minimum number of people I needed to participate in my dissertation research for it to be valid and stuff. Very happy, but also slightly at a loss. What on earth do I do with all the information now?!

Later on in the day I spent some time outside, soaking up the sun in the still very cold spring air. It was nice to be outside eventhough it was still pretty chilly. I saw more evidence that spring is coming, and despite the UK introducing a hose-pipe ban, I managed to stumble across very muddy, very wet woodlands where I met 2 horses, a biker and a runner. I like being outside :)

I poked around my local area and absorbed some local history too. I found a bridge that's been around for ages and ages and made me really happy to find out that it has been restored to it's former glory cos people liked it. Yay!

Ooh, today, I found some photos and videos from the Play Unplugged event over in Largo, Florida. The City of Largo deployed their own photographers for this massive play event, and published them online as a little slideshow which you have to go see cos there's like 60 photos on there! There's also a slideshow uploaded by Kate Bradshaw that contains another selection of photos from the awesome day. Finally, my lovely colleague and friend, Morgan, has posted up some thoughts about her crazy week in Eastbourne and Largo up on her blog.

It's been a interesting day, full of little things. Nothing hugely important happened today, but lots of little (but significant) things did. I like the little things though, so I applaud them. Hoorah for the tiny stuff, and yay for the little things! :)

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