Sunday, 4 March 2012

New Photo Portfolio

My photo portfolio once proudly stood in the internet world, showing off my little shapshots to anybody who was interested. But alas, that time has passed and the web hosting site decided to take an unreasonable amount of money from me, so I decided to close the site down. It was a sad day.

I have found myself needing a new site though and as an intermediary plan, I have made a temporary portfolio to show off my photos. Here's a screenshot of it - click on it for the link!

It's hosted by a site called CarbonMade, which is actually quite a friendly an approachable site. I hope that this portfolio can just be an easily accessible version of a website that I'll eventually have. And also a stripped down version of my flickr account which seems to have everything on it. So if you have a couple of minutes, have a browse of my new photo portfolio - let me know what you think! :)

Such a nice day to be inside and do nothing today - it rained, sleeted and at one point, snowed today. Glad I decided to chill at home. Awesome! :) I'm happy now :)

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