Saturday, 10 March 2012

Photos I Forgot I Had :)

I've been clearing out the photos recently to make room for more, and I've come across some happy, and some hilarious photos that I've completely forgotten about! I've had a good 2 hours to chuckle at them, and I thought I'd share some with you.

Take at Salford Quays one evening after Church. Peter makes me laugh in this pic :)

A visit to Blackpool with our friend Hui Wei. We laughed so much during that trip! :) Look at Clem's hair! :)

I have no idea where or when we took this photo. Made me giggle though! Is that Janina on the top floor?

I've been looking for this photo for ages! And I think Shazia will have a photo of me taking this photo! :)

I had completely forgotten about taking this photo, but it made me laugh a lot when I remembered what we were doing. Killing time! Haha. Or by the looks of it, killing Ric! :)

This pic makes Kev look like a pro. I don't remember taking this at all!

Look at how happy Uncle is in this pic! We were at Southport and it was cold. This was a while ago.

Hahaaa, me and Clem went on an adventure once - this is usually what happens in our adventures! We pose for pics at the tops of hills. Can't remember when this was!

I remember the cow hunt somewhat, but I don't remember how it all started, nor how many cows we ended up seeing. Hahaha, it was good fun though!

We were at a curry buffet, I remember that much, but whether this photo was taken of James before or after curry consumption, that's beyond me. Could be either.

This I completely forgot about. We are sooooo mean tying balloons to babies. He was so upset that he couldn't get to the balloons and crawled around in circles trying to grab them!

Fiona is mighty! And all I remember is that this happened during James' birthday one year.

This made me laugh so much! The odd situation one day when my family members all discovered they were holding really random bags and wanted to parade it.

Photos are awesome. I know my brother always says that I seem to spend far too much time behind the camera that in front of it, but honestly, I wouldn't have had such a giggle for the last 2 hours if I hadn't taken so many photos.

Hoorah for photos! :)

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