Thursday, 8 March 2012

Playful Pins

I blogged about pinterest a few weeks ago and it's been quite a ride. It's a wonderful way for me to show the world some of the things I love, grouped together on one simple pinboard.

It is from pinterest that I have discovered some fantastical new ideas for play. To show these off, I have to do things the long way round now and "pin" them to my blog. Here I go:

First of all, a lovely idea for adding magic to a cardboard box den: fairy lights! :)

This is a great idea for making blocks for kids to manipulate - cardboard irregular shapes filled with packing nuts!

A huge ball that blows around in the wind but so simple to make and high impact awesomeness.

Finally - I love this photo! The little boy may not have wholly wanted to be in this photo, but the it seems to make the photo even better. Next time I have a fancy dress party to go to: robo-dino! :)

To see more of my pins, (which are mostly colourful, awesome, fun things), I invite you again to come to visit my pinterest page, and if you want an invite - drop me a line :)

Tomorrow, it's playwork poster day at uni, and also the first of 2 training sessions in Largo hosted by Pop-Up Adventure Play. Very exciting stuff! Hope everyone has lots of fun tomorrow! Woooo! :)

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