Friday, 16 March 2012

Purple Cake Cases :)

I stopped by my local cake decorating shop to pick up some snazzy looking cupcake cases for my friend Angel who came over to make cake with me tonight. We had lots of fun and of course my favourite thing of the night was the cake cases. And the company of course! But look at the cakes!

They were just big fairy cakes actually, with some buttercream on top, and mini oreos to decorate! Pretty cool eh?

It's a belated birthday cake for Angel, whom I have known for quite a many years. Probably for the same amount of time I've known Nancy actually, which I totally hadn't thought about. Angel's getting married soon too!!! I saw the ring for the first time today! It's very shiney. A big congrats to Angel and Tony! I'm SO excited!

Hoorah for cake and many celebratory exclamations for my lovely friend Angel :)

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