Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Spring Time Gardening

Over the years, I have been relatively successful at growing plants on my windowsill. I first discovered it was a good spot when a sunflower grew really big in a plastic coffee cup I'd upcycled, and now my mum uses every year. Then the year after I grew an assortment of vegetables on my windowsill as well as some wild flowers, and this year, I'd received a free packet of sweetcorn in the post and thought - why not. I poked around my house for some suitable containers, and after a bit of digging and watering, here's what we have:

On the left is a plastic box previously containing cotton buds. It already had holes in the bottom which saved some work and now it has 7 sweetcorn seeds in. On the right hand side there is a modified plastic bottle.

A close up of my bottle, modified so we can take the top off so my plants can be nice and warm but not suffocate! I really like my design cos it comes on and off with a satisfying "pop"!

And there they are, the two nifty containers, chilling on my windowsill. Let's see how long they take to peek out and say hello! :)

The sun's still out and everyone's still in a good mood. I'm really thankful for the few days - it's been a good change from the miserable grey we normally get. The weather has meant that I've done lots of things I wouldn't normally get to do, like gardening and eating lunch outside. Good times!

I'm off to visit a friend tomorrow so may not get chance to post on the ol' blog. We'll see though. Off on another mini adventure! Wooo! :) Hoorah for adventures, plants and sunshine!

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